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TTP yn yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol

Ymddangosodd TTP (Turning The Pages) yn yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol am y tro cyntaf yn ystod yr wythnos. Mae TTP yn cynnwys meddalwedd i droi tudalennau mewn 3D ar sgrin 40″, ac mae’n cynnwys 10 o’r llyfrau prinnaf yn SCOLAR – o’r 14g hyd at yr 20g. Bydd TTP ar gael i deithio o amgylch Cymru mewn fersiynau symudol, er mwyn dangos trysorau ein llyfrau prin i’r cyhoedd. Prifysgol Caerdydd yw’r unig sefydliad yng Nghymru sy’n defnyddio TTP i hyrwyddo eu casgliadau arbennig.

TTP - Troi'r Tudalennau





[ TTP appears in the National Eisteddfod for the first time. ]

Art and Architecture across Europe – Marburger Index

The Voyager library catalogue now describes one of our largest microfiche collections in SCOLAR, the Marburger Index. This is a collection of photographs and pictures of art and architecture, collected from many German and  other institutions across Europe, containing 1.8 million images. The subjects covered by the collection include painting, sculpture, crafts, buildings and more; it covers all historical periods,  and there is a searchable database index which refers to the images on the microfiche. Our microfilm/fiche readers feature scanning software, which allows digital images to be saved to a memory stick. This is the largest of SCOLAR’s image collections, but we hold hundreds of thousands of other pictorial and illustrated materials, ranging from rare books to newspapers to archives.

Digital scanner