Special Collections and Archives Re-Opens

We are pleased to announce the re-opening of the Special Collections and Archives Reading Room from Monday 30 September, following the extension to shelving and refurbishment over the summer vacation.



The new mobile shelving allows Special Collections and Archives to provide improved and integrated access to resources that will be of particular benefit to users of the History Research Collection, the 19th century journals and newspapers collection, the expanding historical music collections, and the additional humanities rare books collections from the 16th- 19th centuries.



We should note that although the collections were not readily accessible during the summer refurbishment, nearly 100 academic staff, postgraduates and external researchers were still able to visit in that period to consult resources not available to them elsewhere. We were happy to note also that we were able to support two CUROP projects, for the School of English, Communication and Philosophy and the School of European Studies, in this period, and hosted an archives volunteer to assist with work on our journalism and business archives – so it was a productive period in spite of the refurbishment work!



Future developments in Special Collections and Archives will concentrate on improved reader facilities, such as a new seminar room, and a refurbished entrance area; these however should not affect readers when they are undertaken in the new year. We are grateful for the patience of staff and students during this period, and hope you’ll agree the improvements will enhance the University Library’s ability to support current and future research and teaching work across the University.





On that point, please note in your diaries the date for a seminar on grant funding potential related to Special Collections and Archives, to be held in the afternoon of 11 November; this is aimed at assisting colleagues with grant funding opportunities – more details will follow in due course.

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