Addition to Darwin centenary books

In July we noted that we had added two books to the Human Genetics Historical Library collection that commemorated the centenary of the birth of Darwin.  An additional item has now been added which complements the other two.  As with the others, this copy was originally presented to the University by Miss P. J. Parker.

Published also in 1909 by Cambridge University Press, this is  the Order of the proceedings at the Darwin Celebration, held at Cambridge June 22-June 24, 1909: with a sketch of Darwin’s life.  According to the preface, the Senate contributed £500 towards the celebrations, and another £500 was received from an anonymous benefactor.  The commemoration had a programme of events which included a reception at the Fitzwilliam Museum, a banquet in the New Examination Hall, several garden parties and exhibitions.  The events had specified dress codes, and even at the garden parties Morning dress and Academic robes were de rigeur, whilst members of the senate were instructed to wear “Hoods and Bands and Doctors will wear Scarlet.”

Charles Darwin and his sister Catherine

“The voyage of the Beagle has been by far the most important event in my life, and has determined my whole career.”

The Sketch of Darwin’s life follows along the lines of the Epitome in Darwin and Modern Science, and assistance was given by Francis Darwin in its preparation.  Detailing the milestones of Darwin’s life it includes quotes from his autobiography and his letters, and several photographs and prints.

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